Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dance Performance on Alan Walker Faded By These 2 Dancers

On January 27, 2017 something great happed in the area of Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Two dancer from this are called Vishal Pawar & Amrit Navlani completely shocked the audience by their dance performance on the instumental version of Faded song.

These guys were performing on this music without any previous rehearsals still they manage to get this kind of performance which is sounds really good.

These guys are highly professional dancers. They were dancing from last 10 years. I think they literally made the audience stand on their feet. Thanks ton the principal of the Wonderful Kids & Kavita Mam. If you like the video kindly share it with your friends.

Check that video below :

Monday, 14 December 2015

Top 5 Dance Music of 2015

Uncovered turn-of-the-century pop peculiarities, enthusiastic verbal confrontations between woodwind instruments, and DJs in glass urban areas tossing local gatherings — our rundown of the best move melodies of 2015 so far envelops each edge of the wide, odd universe of beats. Spread it like nutty spread jam over whatever is left of your date-book year.

1.Disclosure feat. Gregory Porter, “Holding On” (Island)

"Hanging On" starts with a managed, ambiguous yell, similar to a shofar or a foghorn — some epically suggestive sound declaring an approaching religious affair or drawing closer mammoth article. For a Disclosure tune, that examination isn't far-removed: The development single from their up and coming Caracal LP admirably adheres to the time tested equation of roof chipping bass, rearranging catches, and a deep vocalist (American jazz man Gregory Porter) that lavishly hues between the UK carport evangelist couple's mark visual facial lines.

2. Samo Sound Boy, “You Come For Me” (BODY HIGH)

Drawing motivation from the disintegration of a long haul relationship, Samo Sound Boy imagined "You Come for Me" as a despairing yet cheerful tune, the sort of track that contemplatively glances back at what's been lost while relishing the learning that better things will be tending to the street ahead. That may sound excessively complex for the normal bit of electronic music, however the Los Angeles maker pulls it off by adjusting a powerful cluster of vocal examples with spiraling percussion, inconspicuously swelling harmonies, and a crescendo of twinkling synth sounds. It's a touch over the top, however that is the way to go — couple of things are fit for pulling at our heartstrings like a separation and its consequence; Samo Sound Boy essentially moved the mending procedure to the move floor.

3. Dude Energy, “Renee Running” (Animals Dancing)

A great many people know LA maker Diego Herrera for his work as Suzanne Kraft, yet it's conceivable that "Renee Running" may be the best move floor creation he's ever constructed. While his past yield is established in disco and tends to float toward more surrounding fields, "Renee Running," the lead track on his first EP as Dude Energy, is a no-bulls—t bit of peppy, percussion-driven move music. The drums do a large portion of the truly difficult work here, propelling things everlastingly as Herrera step by step gets some enigmatically Middle Eastern synth riffs and some thick '80s basslines. It's one of those tunes where the greater part of the components fit together superbly.

4. JLin feat. Holly Herndon, “Expand” (Planet Mu)

Indiana maker Jlin's nervous, robotic tackle footwork investigates the class' darkest sides on "Grow" — and who superior to anything Holly Herndon, with her own advanced reconnaissance interests, to loan the track its on edge atmospherics? Her saliva and vocal flotsam and jetsam just makes Jlin's post-prophetically calamitous dancescapes that much grittier.

5. Dusky, Jilted "17 step" -

The title "Abandoned" fills a double need: Dusky's rebuffing passage for club track of the mid year froths with the fierceness of a beau who's been spurned, and perpetually beating low-end will shock the moving shoes right off your feet. Exactly when you think the red alert level impacts and tweaking synths can't get any harder, the tune peaks with only a sufficient vocal example to take you there, and keep you there, through six minutes of tops and valleys. Or possibly when the sun begin

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Beautiful People By Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi

Today we are going to discuss about one of the best dance song of Chris Brown and Benny benassi, which is called Beautiful People. This song has really catchy dance beats and amazing vocals by Chris Brown. Now let's focus on some of the detailed information about this song -

The song "Beautiful people" was written by Benny Benassi, Jean Baptiste, Alle Benassi and Chris Brown. It is from Chris Brown's 4th Studio album called Fame. It was released as the third single on March 11, 2011. Beautiful people leaked online before the release of his album on January 16 2011. On April 19, 2011 additional remixes of this song was made in the United States and the United Kingdom, letter this song also included in Benny Benassi's 5th Studio album called Electroman. The genres of this song is Euro Pop, dance hall and Electro House. This song produced by Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi under the label of Jive Records. On March 22nd 2011, Beautiful People was premiered on MTV The Seven. At the MTV Video Music Awards brown performed Beautiful People and Yeah 3x on august 28th 2011.

This song received many positive reviews from the music critics. The New York Times written that "This song has swelling synths and catchy beats that are the Hallmark of Mega clubs." From The Border Mail Jamie hone said that "This song is thumping four on the floor anthem."

On March 12 2011, this song debuted at number 37 position on the US Hot Dance Club Songs Chart and within 2 weeks this song picked at number one position. On the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts "Beautiful People" reached at number 43 position. On the Canadian hot hundred chart, this song reached at number 22 and spent 10 weeks on the chart. On May 7th 2011, this song reached at Number Four position and remain two consecutive weeks on the UK singles chart. Till January 2012, Beautiful People sold more than 570 thousand copies in the UK.

In Australia and Sweden this song certified 2 times Platinum. This song certified gold in countries like Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, in UK it was certified by Platinum.

Now you can see guys this song Rock The Dance Floor as well as music critics, charts and other television shows and music video channels. It becomes summer anthem in 2011. This is the best dance song released by Chris Brown after his previous Dance hit called Forever.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

Today we are going to discuss about one of the best song of Nelly Furtado called Say It Right. This song is one her signature song. This song gave so much popularity to this artist. So let's focus on some of the detailed information about this song as well as secrets of this song -

In 2006, "Say It Right" was recorded by Canadian singer songwriter called Nelly Furtado. This song was from her third Studio album called Loose. It was written by Nate "Danja" Hills, Tim Timbaland, Mosely and Nelly Furtado. In the United States, it was released as digital download in March 2007. At around 4 a.m. the process of creating this song "say it right" began in the recording studio. "Say it right" was written in F minor and performed with a moderate techno group was set in common time in 4 by 4 count. The genre of this song is pop and rnb. In October 2006, the music video for this song was filmed in Los Angeles California and directed by British duo Clms & Rankin. The clip starts with Furtado's name and on top of a building, Helicopter Landing on a black helipad and Furtado getting out. The music video features mostly pure shots of Nelly Furtado.

This song received positive reviews from the music critics. This song have commenting on the lyrical content Furtado vocal performance and high quality production from will I am gave 4 stars out of 5 to this song. On October 2006, this song available for a apply at contemporary hit radio stations in the United States. "Say it right" landed at number 22 position on the Billboard hot 100 singles char and it peaked at number 1 position on the Canadian PDF airplane chart for 10 weeks. For 3 consecutive weeks this song peaked at number 2 position on the Australian ARIAS singles chart. In February 2007, "Say It Right" reached at number 37 position on the UK singles chart. According to Wilson Broadcast Data Systems says this song was the second most played song on US radio. In December 2007, this song certified Platinum by RIAA.

Now as you see folks, this song was one of the best selling as well as played song in the United States and in other countries. The music of this song is so cool to listen to. We cannot compare this song to others but still it stand out from other music tracks out there. Because of this, I liked this song very much.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson

Today we are going to discuss about one of the best songs of Michael Jackson which is called Dirty Diana, it was released in the year of 1987. It was his second heavy rock song of the 80's. So let's focus on some of the detailed information about this song -

The song Dirty Diana was produced by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. This song's lyrics was written by Michael Jackson. On April 14, 1988 this song was released by Epic Records and the music video for this song was directed by Joe Pytka. It was the 9th song from his seventh studio album called Bad. For the guitar part of this song was played by Steve Stevens, who was hired for this song. Before the release of this song, it is a poke to Michael Jackson's closest friend Diana Ross, later it was denied. In an interview, Jones claimed that the song's lyrics were about groupies.

This song was similar to his previous work called Beat It, with its pop rock, hard rock and heavy metal music style. Dirty Diana describe as a hard rock song by Richard Cromelin. This song received mixed reviews by the music critics, Davitt Siegerson from The Rolling Stones gave more positive reviews, by calling it a "filler."

Along with its success, this song charted between top 20 and top 10. After 9 weeks later it peaked at number one position on billboard hot 100 in USA. Internationally, this song peaked at top thirty positions on different music charts. In Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand it peaked at number 2, 3 and 5 position consecutively. On April 1989, the video of this song won "number one video in the world" at world music awards.

In this music video of this song model Lisa Dean appears as dirty Diana for just showing her legs. She died in 2009, due to leg cancer. Michael Jackson performed this song in front of his fans by doing a live performance. On this performance, the music video was get recorded for this song. The Video features Pepsi presents Michael Jackson Tour 1988. He performed this song in the first leg of Bad World Tour during 1987 and 1988. In a live performance, he removed this song from his set list because Diana was coming to the show. Later Diana Ross told him that she loves this song, why he didn't played it?  Michael was just wondered about this reaction and surprised him a lot.

Now as you know Michael Jackson was so innocent in nature but when it comes to live performances he was like real young man. The way he shows himself in the live performances, which was so different than his real life.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Habits By Tove Lo

Today we are going to discuss about one of the best emotional songs of all time, which is called Habits. Habits is one the best selling single song of the year 2013 and 2014. This song is one of the best songs that I ever heard before. The vocals of this singer is more powerful than other singers. Now let's focus on some of the detailed information about Habits -

The song Habits was released from the debut album called Queen of The Clouds as well as from album called Truth Serum, which was released by Swedish recording artist called Tove Lo. It was second single song from this album, which was released on 25th March 2013 and later re-released on 6th December 2013. On April 2014, song Habits was released in the United States as the lead single for "Queen of the Clouds" and for "Truth Serum." The lyrics of this song was about to forget her ex through hedonistic pleasures and drinking.

Music video of this song were in two different versions. First version was released onto YouTube in March 2013 and second version for this music video was produced by Martin Rock Hansen and directed by Motellet. The first version of this song was removed from YouTube account after the second version was released.

The reviews for this song from critics were positive. From "The Guardian" Michael Cragg Stated that this song is so good that in the second version of this song's video.

A Remix version of this song was recorded by record production "Duo Hippie Sabotage" and later it was released on 3 March 2014. In April 2015, an Acoustic cover version made by Canadian rock band Theory of A Deadman.

It reached at number 3 position on the Billboard hot 100 charts. It was kept from number one position by the song called All About That Bass from Meghan Trainor for 10 weeks. This song stayed in the top 10 position. In the United States, it has sold more than 2.9 million copies as of February 2015. On the Canadian hot 100 charts it peaked at number 3 position and sold 160,000 copies in that country. This song reached in the top 10 for countries like Switzerland, France, New Zealand and and many more.

Now as you see folks, this is one of the best selling as well as loved song in 2013-14. According to her many YouTube fans they got crazy when they heard about this song. The lyrics of this song were so meaningful and we can not compare this to others. If you like this article about Habits then you might also want to che this article about La Isla Bonita by Madonna.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Taylor Swift The Album By Taylor Swift

Today we are going to discuss about Taylor Swift's debut album called Taylor Swift. She is the one of the greatest female singer-songwriter in the world. Now, let's focus on some of the detailed information about this album.

This is a first studio album by American recording artist called Taylor Swift, which was released on October 26, 2006 by Big Machine Records. When she was 16, she wrote all the songs of this album during her freshman year of high school. She experimented with many album producers, finally she chosen the producer for her demo album called Nathan Chapman. It was country music style album, lyrics of this album tell story about romantic relationship, and also tell the relationship, struggles in her high school.

All the singles from this album was certified platinum by the recording industry Association of America. "Tim McGraw" which was first song of this album reached at top 10 on billboard's hot 100 country songs. And "TearDrops on my guitar"  was the second single made this album, best charting song album on the Billboard hot 100 and the third song "Our Song" made Taylor Swift to reach number one position on billboard hot country songs. She becomes first female country artist to top country songs charts. Both the song "Picture To Burn" and "Should Have Say No" become successful on country charts in the USA. She promoted her album by performing with Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, George Strait and Tim McGraw.

She received many positive reviews from every single music critics, who praised for her talent at a such young age. This album was not so successful as compared to her present albums but launch of her career in country music was pretty good. In the United States, she topped consecutive 24 weeks in top country album charts. And it also certified as platinum by ARIAA. This album sold more than 4.5 million copies in USA alone. This album also got success in countries like Canada, Australia and  United Kingdom sold six  million copies.

If i remember the right, she is one of the most influential pop music artists right now. Other artists of pop music struggling to sell music in all over the world. But right now, she is selling millions of albums in this digital era. If you like Taylor Swift then you might also like this article about Katy Perry here :