Sunday, 31 May 2015

Problem By Ariana Grande, Full Information About The Song

Everybody knows that ariana grande is a hottest and the most influential music artists of 2014. She began her career with her boyfriend Big Sean. She signed a record deal with him. Later they released her debut album called My Everything in 2014. Which is include the best song of the album called Problem. Now let's focus on some of the detailed information of the song.

Ariana grande recorded this song with iggy azalea. It was released in april 14 2014 with the record label called republic records. It was the second single released by grande from her latest album called my everything, which was released in 2014. Problem is a song written by ariana grande and iggy azalea. The chorus of this song performed by the american rapper called big sean. Music of this song were recorded by some bass, saxophone and trumpet. This song tells the story about approaching your ex to regain her confidence but it became so difficult to do that. This is What this song is about.

Critically, this song received positive reviews and its first week, it has sold more than 430,000 copies making it to the number 3 spot billboard hot 100 in the USA. The song topped in other countries like Australia, UK, Germany, France and more. In the second week of this song took its place at number 2 position which is the highest single song by her in USA. It was 2014s biggest song of the year. This song remains in the top 10 for 7 weeks.

To promote this song she performed in various music functions like Grammy award, MTV music awards and much more. Nev todorvik directed the music video of this song. The music video of this song later released on mtv and most important online like vevo youtube. The song certified as platinum by the recording industry of America. The music video won best MTV music award and it was the best selling single song from that year. This song also included in a game called The Dance.

Ariana grande and iggy azalea met first time in european music awards. Later, they just stayed with katy perrys party and discussed about some recordings about this song problem. Iggy azalea appreciated for this song but before she agreed to this, previously she get asked for debute album of grande, which was released in 2013. The deal never came alive until 2014. These girls matched their vocals and made the perfect song. This is where these two rising superstars meet each other and worked together. If you liked my article about Problem then you should check out this article for 2014’s best songs here. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Music A Song By Madonna

Music was composed and produced by none other than the queen of pop Madonna. She is an American recording artist. It was released in 1999 from her same titled Album called Music. This album released in 2000. Music was released by maverick records. This was included in compilation albums of Madonna like Celebration which was released in 2009 and in GHV2. Before we dive into more details about this song let's focus on Madonna.

Madonna is a queen of pop she has sold more than 450 million copies alone in the world. Her songs like Vogue, la Isla bonita and Hung up were amongst the world's biggest selling single songs. She is the only female artist who sold that amount of records. Now again let's focus on her single song Music.

Musically it is dance and electropop song. By her own words, "music is a universal language and this brings people together. " Critically this song has received positive reviews, critics praised for its catchy music and vocals. In this song, she used electronically manipulated vocals. Which feels so good to ears.

Music took its place at number one spot in more than 25 countries in the world. This includes countries like UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, US and more. In the United States it topped the charts for more than 5 weeks at number one position. Which was her last number one single for this genre. It was her twelfth number one single song and it was longest running number single of this decade. It was also second most successful single of this decade which was below her single called Hung Up.

Jonas Akerlund directed the music video of this song. This music video shows that Madonna her friends giving a party. She performed this song in Grammy Awards and in MTV Europe Music Awards. The received two Grammy nominations for Record of the year and best female pop vocals. In addition, Madonna performed this song on a regular basis in her tours, later she performed this song in Superbowl halftime show.

Now, I recommend this song to everyone who is fan of Madonna even non fans of Madonna to listen. Because its catchy vocals and music are so cool to listen. These days Madonna's songs may not successful at once it was. But one thing is for sure true artist, I mean legends never stop their passion. They always do what they like.

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