Monday, 23 March 2015

House Music Artists 2014, A List Of Top Artists

House Music Artists 2014 at the top of the show called Ultra Music Festival. Which is America’s most international dance music festival as well as the first on the world’s festival calendar. This music festival has power to make a career. Martin Garrix and Krewella are the best examples for this festival. The guys failed to hit big in their earlier stage but Ultra Music Festival gave them a chance to hit big. Below are the top 5 artists of house music 2014

1. 3lau –

Based in Las Vegas has developed his impressive DJ profile. However, with his new music called “How You Love Me” recently re-launched at Casablanca Records. He was so excited to make big in Ultra Music Festival.

2. DVBBS –

With the monster tune of “Tsunami” they hit big in this genre of music. To hit the EDM shores, it was their first of much deadly music. This set will make you up on Friday evening.

3. Tourist –

Last year Tourist who signed to the Duo’s method imprint. They share some of house music love and a bunch of friends. Their 90’s R&B-influenced live produced shows are wholly different entity. This is an electronic wonder box.  

4. Henry Fong –

For a stage like this, Henry Fong’s sound is custom made for Progressive and Electro. Utterly in-tune and expansive, which is big and ultimate with what is next. Henry Fong’s California-cool demeanor is a cool and soothing experience.

5. J. Philip –

He is a member of the Dirty Bird Crew thought him tech-house credentialed. If you watch her performing live, you can experience the coast tech sound. This is booty shaking artist forward thinking dance music at its best.

6. Michael Brun –

Before moving to the age of 22, he was remixing for Calvin Harris, Armin van Buuren and even Alicia Keys. “Gravity” was his debut album and made a chance to perform in Ultra Music Festival. His unique melodies, basses and uplifting music separate from others.

7.  Ranidu –

Combining EDM and Sri Lankan rhythm to his music is more than just a gimmick for him; it is authentic and life affirming. However, on the Ultra line up the result is unlike for him. Americas Dance Fest has experienced that he is this year’s most exciting ambassador.

Now these are the top house music artists of the year 2014. Some of the results may shocked you but these are finest musicians in their style of music which is called house music. We all love house music, artists like this always inspiring us. 

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