Friday, 13 September 2013

How I Became Musician and Dancer

If I remember the right, it was the summer of 2006. I was living in my hometown Chinchwad, Pune. I just started to dance by seeing Michael Jackson then later started composing music in 2008. I thought I will be the next Michael Jackson. However, the reality was not the same. It seems like my dream is million miles away from me.

Let us talk about how I learn the dance WITHOUT DANCE CLASSES. I always dreamed about the best things. In Dance there is only one name I heard “The Man Michael Jackson.” I did not see his dance until the summer of 2006. One of my friends gave me a disc of music videos of MJ. I saw that there are millions of people screaming his name. I thought why these people shouting like that. However, after watching and listening his music and dance oh god! This person was truly a genius. Then I decided I just wanted to be likes of him. No matter how much time it will take to reach him. I just simply decided. But the road was not simple as I dreamed. It was so hard to reach his qualities. I am still working on it.

 Well I am from a poor family background and we are living in slum areas in India. So this is the big reason I never afford to pay any dance class. Even my parents hates about my dancing. I learnt dance in the night while were my parents sleeping. What I did that time simply downloads Michael Jackson’s live performances from various countries. In addition, I check those videos in my DVD player and I simply trying to copy his moves. Some moves seems like impossible to me but I tried then I got success over to that move. Just like Moonwalk. I learnt Moonwalk in 5 months. It took so much time to learn that move. In addition, steps by step I almost learn how to dance like Michael Jackson.

Simply dancing like Michael Jackson you will never become likes of him, you need to be a great musician, singer, songwriter, and the most importantly an entertainer. Then I started to learn about music. However, the biggest question remained same where I can learn music. Then I found a solution. If I learn dance through the internet then why not music composing? I started searching various musical software and found a great one called FL Studio. These days so many people thought, composing music through software, it is so easy. That is not true. I am still learning that software since 2008. As I entered in deep, I fall in love with music. I am feeling the music that I never before felt since 2008. I am composing music with my heart and soul without music life is boring.

Now there are two things are left to become likes of him Singer and Songwriter. I am working on my vocals and about writing I am a good rhymed and thinker.

I want to be a huge star like Michael Jackson, this can be happen only by my fans, that's you. Thanks for the giving time to read me.

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