Monday, 16 December 2013

Michael Jackson Discography On His Albums

In my opinion, oh sorry by millions of people’s opinion, Michael is one of the greatest musical superstars in the history. There is nobody likes of him. He was a singer, songwriter, music producer, and the most importantly he was a great dancer. This is the real fact that no one moves like Michael Jackson. In addition, I have Michael Jackson discography on his albums. Here it is…

Michael Jackson made his first studio album with his four big brothers. The group name called as “Jackson 5,” and they released their albums with Michael. They raised their fame from 70’s to 80’s. Michael left the group, and he started his own career as a solo artist in the music industry. He began his solo career in 1971 with the single called “Got to Be There.” In 1972, he released his first studio album with the same title. This album went to the number 14 in the billboard 200. In the same year, he published his second studio album called “Ben”. It went to the number 5 in the billboard charts.

He released another two series of albums called “Music and Me” and “Forever, Michael,” in 1973 and 1975 respectively. However, unluckily both of these albums bring him disappointment. Both of these albums peaked number 92 and number 101. The album “Music and Me” was commercially successful outside of the United States. It went to the number 25 in the Australia. However, this is just a beginning of his successful career. Nobody thought that this artist could sell more than 750 million albums in all around the world.

It was 1982; he released his sixth studio album “Thriller.” Well, “Thriller” is the world’s biggest selling album of all time. It topped the several country charts around the globe. It sold more than 100 million copies, including singles. After this album, Michael released albums like “Bad” in 1987, “Dangerous” in 1991, “History: Past, Present and Future Book 1” in 1995. His last album “Invincible” released in 2001. However, this album was successful album as previously released albums. During his life, he released several compilations of albums. They were successful as results.

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