Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson

Today we are going to discuss about one of the best songs of Michael Jackson which is called Dirty Diana, it was released in the year of 1987. It was his second heavy rock song of the 80's. So let's focus on some of the detailed information about this song -

The song Dirty Diana was produced by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. This song's lyrics was written by Michael Jackson. On April 14, 1988 this song was released by Epic Records and the music video for this song was directed by Joe Pytka. It was the 9th song from his seventh studio album called Bad. For the guitar part of this song was played by Steve Stevens, who was hired for this song. Before the release of this song, it is a poke to Michael Jackson's closest friend Diana Ross, later it was denied. In an interview, Jones claimed that the song's lyrics were about groupies.

This song was similar to his previous work called Beat It, with its pop rock, hard rock and heavy metal music style. Dirty Diana describe as a hard rock song by Richard Cromelin. This song received mixed reviews by the music critics, Davitt Siegerson from The Rolling Stones gave more positive reviews, by calling it a "filler."

Along with its success, this song charted between top 20 and top 10. After 9 weeks later it peaked at number one position on billboard hot 100 in USA. Internationally, this song peaked at top thirty positions on different music charts. In Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand it peaked at number 2, 3 and 5 position consecutively. On April 1989, the video of this song won "number one video in the world" at world music awards.

In this music video of this song model Lisa Dean appears as dirty Diana for just showing her legs. She died in 2009, due to leg cancer. Michael Jackson performed this song in front of his fans by doing a live performance. On this performance, the music video was get recorded for this song. The Video features Pepsi presents Michael Jackson Tour 1988. He performed this song in the first leg of Bad World Tour during 1987 and 1988. In a live performance, he removed this song from his set list because Diana was coming to the show. Later Diana Ross told him that she loves this song, why he didn't played it?  Michael was just wondered about this reaction and surprised him a lot.

Now as you know Michael Jackson was so innocent in nature but when it comes to live performances he was like real young man. The way he shows himself in the live performances, which was so different than his real life.

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