Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Thriller By Michael Jackson

Today we are going to discuss about one of the greatest album released by any other artist. He is none other than Michael Jackson and the name of the album is called thriller. trailer is a best selling album of all time point now let's focus on some of the detailed information about this album

This album has produced various number 1 singles like Billie Jean Beat It thriller the girl is mine wanna be starting something and the thriller.

On November 30 1982 album thriller was released by Epic records. thriller all the sixth Studio album by American artists called Michael Jackson. This album have journals of top Rock song post Disco rnb and adult contemporary music point between April and November 1982 at westlake recording studios in Los Angeles recording of this album took place. the budget of this album was $750,000. 4 of 9 tracks where is written by Michael Jackson all the songs from this album where reached at Billboard hot 100 . thriller became and remain the best selling album in the world by selling over 100 and 10 million copies. it Eide with The Eagles album called their greatest hits from 1971 to 1975 they sold 29 million copies in USA. This album 18 Grammy Awards and it was the record breaking in 1984 . through the huge success of this album Jackson became the first artist to meet USA president.

In 2003 Rolling Stones magazine ranked Thriller album at Number 20 on 500 greatest album of all time. This album listed at number 1 position on the list of best albums of the Year 1980 by the slant magazine in 2012.

This album sold 1 million copies through worldwide within a week. Christopher Connelly gave 4 out of 5 star do this album. thriller become best selling non compilation album of all time and the critics give 5 out of 5 stars. blended described after a huge success of this album Jackson change the way the industry function with artistic Persona
and as a financial profitable entity.

Michael Jackson's aim was so high about his music and career. He struggled a lot to make best selling album of all time. Unfortunately in 2009, he passed away and many fans across the world can't believe he is no more. This article is dedicated to him the one and only King of Pop Michael Jackson. If you like this article then you have to check Katy Perry's records too at here.

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